Recycled Aggregates

Recycled Aggregates

Recycled Aggregates

Suppliers of Crushed Stone – J Witt Waste Recycling

Whether it’s crushed concrete or recycled stone, J Witt Waste Recycling can supply and deliver a wide range of aggregates for your construction project.

With current environmental concerns at their peak it’s important to consider using recycled crushed hardcore materials as a more sustainable and cheaper option than newly quarried aggregates.

J Witt Waste Recycling have invested in the latest equipment to ensure our recycled aggregates are of the highest quality allowing them to be used in a variety of ways:

Bank protection
Fill for drainage structures
Noise barriers

For more information on the above please call us on 01761 479444.

Lowering your Environmental Impact

Recycling concrete and stone reduces the need for further natural resources, thereby lowering your environmental impact in any construction work.

We source waste stone and concrete from construction sites within the local area and utilise our specialist equipment to crush it to provide recycled aggregates to your required specification. We always ensure that we comply with the UK’s building regulations and that all materials are collected responsibly from a sustainable source so that you can be comfortable that you are lowering the environmental impact of your next construction project.

Our team have developed a wide range of experience in producing and supplying recycled aggregates across Bristol, Bath and North Somerset and always offer the highest quality aggregates to our customers.

We use J Witt Waste Recycling all the time and have always found them to be very reliable.  They are reasonably priced and always happy to help.
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By choosing J Witt Recycling, an environmentally responsible local waste management company that offers efficient one-off house and garden clearance services across Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, you’ll definitely save time and money.

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