Wheelie Bin Service

Wheelie Bin Service

Wheelie Bin Service

Commercial Waste Management

As a business in the UK there is a legal obligation for you to ensure any commercial waste you generate is disposed of properly by a licensed waste carrier.

Our regular collection wheelie bin service is perfect for businesses in and around Bath, Mendip, Somerset and Bristol needing lightweight waste, generated on commercial, industrial or manufacturing premises, to be reliably removed.

With years of experience in waste management, our modern fleet of collection lorries backed by our friendly team committed to offering the best in customer service, gives you peace of mind that you are meeting your legal requirements.

We offer a range of wheelie bins sizes to choose from allowing you maximum flexibility and all our bins come with heavy duty brakes, are easy to move around if needed and come complete with lockable lids to prevent unauthorised use.

We accept the following types of dry, compactable waste in our wheelie bins:

Bagged kitchen and food waste
Tin cans
Aluminium cans
Plastic bottles
General Waste
Dry Mixed Recycling
Mixed Glass

We provide regular collections that can be based on how much waste you produce and scheduled in advance to a day and time that entirely suits your needs.

Please give us a call on 01761 479444 for further advice and to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose J Witt Waste Recycling?

There are many reasons why you can rely on us, here are just a few:

Local trusted supplier
Established family firm
Reliable timely collections
Large range of bin sizes available to meet your needs
Environmentally responsible rubbish removal (we recycle and actively avoid land fill)
Clean, smart wheelie bins provided

When to call us?

We regularly win new clients via word of mouth recommendation from our existing customers due to our pro-active approach to customer care.

I’ve used other waste management companies in the past with varying degrees of success. I switched to JWitt and will continue to do so now automatically when I start a new unit. The rubbish is collected on schedule, without fail and apart from that I hear very little from them. Perfect.
Creed Bet

Creed Bet

We have been with JWitt for a number of years, and have always found the collection staff to be helpful and co-operative. We would recommend them to anyone keen to recycle their waste.
Peggy Dodd Day Care Centre

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Peggy Dodd Day care Centre
Peggy Dodd Day care Centre

If your current wheelie bin supplier is regularly failing to collect at the right time or is charging too high a price then it’s probably the right time to give us a call so we can sort a professional, timely response. Our experienced drivers are friendly, polite and professional and always willing to go the extra mile!

We offer a reliable wheelie bin service to any business or organisation based in any of the following sectors:

Pubs, cafes and restaurants
Engineering workshops
Schools, colleges and universities
Hospitals and care homes

Wheelie Bin Size Guide

Cubic capacity width Length heigh
240 litre 0.75 metre 1.13 metre 0.64 metre
360 litre 0.88 metre 1.13 metre 0.64 metre
660 litre 1.20 metre 1.34 metre 0.70 metre
1100 litre 1.30 metre 1.50 metre 1.00 metre

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Call today

If you would like one of our team to discuss any aspect of our wheelie bin collections, please call us on 01761 479444 today and we can provide further information and a no obligation quote.

Price-Beating guarantee

Looking for the best quote locally? Drop us a line for a dedicated price-beating quote