Covered yard at JWitt Waste Recycling


As part of our quest to continually achieve our 100% recycled and zero to landfill promise, JWitt has invested over half a million pounds in a biodigester from Advetec. The biodigester works using granularised powdered enzymes or in other words live bacteria to breakdown waste. We were the second recycling company in the UK to sign a deal with Advetec to have this type of biodigester all to tackle what is known as forgotten waste.

Black bin waste is often known as the forgotten waste of the recycling industry. Despite the fact it may contain waste that can be recycled and that are growing in value in their own right, black bin waste is not sorted before being sent to landfill.

At JWitt, we open, sort and separate all the black bin waste we collect but are still left with some items that cannot currently be recycled. This is where the biodigester comes into its own.

We can feed it with 10 tonnes of shredded black bin waste or unrecyclable waste per day. Within 48 hours the enzymes will have eaten their way through it all.

See inside the XO22 whilst it is at work in Advetec’s video below.

JWitt Waste Recycling waste transfer and weighbridge recycling site in Coleford Radstock BA3

The waste material left at the end is a solid fuel product called FLOC that is completely dry, reduced in weight by 50% and volume by 70%. FLOC can be burnt for heat and to generate energy. We hope to have the biodigester up and running at full capacity as soon as possible.

JWitt Waste Recycling Team