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Glass recycling

Glass Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Our mixed glass recycling services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Coloured glass bottles and jars are collected in mixed batches before being sorted at our facility and then sent on to a specialist glass recycling company. 100% is recycled with zero going to landfill.


Mixed bottle glass recycling

Glass waste should be stored in special wheelie bins or in skips, dependent on your glass waste output and business needs. We offer a range of different wheelie bins, starting at a standard 120-litre bin and working up to skips. Give our customer service team a call and they will be able to ascertain which size bin will suit your needs and how often that bin will need emptying. 

We provide you with the correct bin, which will be kept sealed at all times to ensure your glass is safely stored. Not all glass items can be recycled in an everyday recycling bin. However, we can provide you with a glass container bin, in order to recycle the following items:

• Glass bottles and jars
• Glass containers used to store food
• Windows and plate glass
• Glass ovenware
• Lightbulbs
• Borosilicate Glass
• Glass fibre
5% of the glass we recycle goes into our crushing machines and becomes sand in the process. The sand is added to our recycled aggregates.
Our largest skips are then filled with the remaining 95% of the mixed bottle glass we collect. Once full, they go off to a specialist glass recycling company in the South East where all the glass we collect; plate glass, bottles, jars, etc is recycled. We always look for local and British specialist recycling companies to keep the carbon footprint low. 
Mixed glass recycling | bottles, jars and mixed glass recycling by JWitt Waste Recycling at their site in coleford
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Glass waste management

We offer businesses in Somerset and the South West a local waste management partner with bins, collection and disposal services for mixed glass recycling.

Glass is 100% recyclable, yet so much of it is thrown away and left in landfill where it will never decompose. We can provide your business with reliable glass recycling services, in order to improve your recycling and waste management system.

Due to the large quantity of glass that organisations use and consequently need to dispose of, many businesses admit to neglecting glass recycling due to the lack of storage facilities they have on site. We have a range of bins and storage containers that can be used for glass recycling.


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