Transfer Station & Weighbridge

Our waste transfer station and weighbridge are based at our Coleford, Radstock BA3 5RX location.

We welcome all registered waste carriers, trades and the public and offer a full disposal service. Book a slot now for dropping off your waste.

Covered yard at JWitt Waste Recycling
JWitt Waste Recycling Waste transfer station and weighbridge in coleford radstock ba3 serving somerset and the south west

Delivering waste to us

The waste transfer station and weighbridge at our depot is a central collection point where all our skips, bin lorries, RoRos and other vehicles can drop off the waste we collect. Waste carriers, and trade and public customers can also drop off their waste here. We accept many materials and items for recycling.

It’s always best to ring ahead and book, especially if you are dropping off larger loads such as bin lorries, skip-loads, flat beds or trailers of waste. We can then also let you know about any offers we are running for different waste materials. 

On arrival at our waste transfer station your vehicle will be weighed to calculate the weight of the waste you are delivering for recycling. The waste data is recorded on waste transfer notes and any charges calculated. Once the waste has been weighed, you will be guided to a location to unload.

Waste delivered to us by registered carriers of waste must be accompanied by the relevant waste transfer notes. We can either print or email transaction reports and payments can be in cash or by credit card.


Sustainable and innovative

Our team and specialist machinery efficiently screen, sort and separate the waste into different streams before it goes on to be recycled either by us or specialist recycling companies across the south west and south east. 

Our Waste Transfer Station is a sustainable waste transfer station – we have made a commitment to recycle 100% of the waste we collect and receive and ensure zero waste goes to landfill.

See how we recycle many of the materials we receive and find out more about our XO22 biodigester which converts unrecyclable waste into a solid fuel called FLOC.

Give us a call now on 01761 479444 to book your drop off slot at our waste transfer station and weighbridge.

100% Avoids Landfill

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