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Plasterboard recycling

Plasterboard Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

We take the hassle out of your plasterboard recycling. Send your plasterboard to us either via our skip hire services or drop it off at our waste transfer station. 


Plasterboard recycling

We collect plasterboard waste for recycling in skips from the demolition and construction industry, and from the public undertaking home renovations. Plasterboard is also accepted at our waste transfer station, should you want to drop it off yourself.

The charge for plasterboard recycling is by the tonne. Contact us for the current charge per tonne and any rebates on offer to the trade. Check our news page and facebook feed for any recent updates on rebates for the trade. 

All the plasterboard we collect is recycled, zero goes to landfill.

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Plasterboard waste management

Plasterboard and gypsum (what plasterboard is made of) can be reused an infinite number of times. 

There is no reason why plasterboard should ever be put into landfill as it can be endlessly recycled into new products without any change to the performance or how it can be used.

We add value to this material by collecting and recycling it. All the plasterboard we collect is taken to a gypsum recycling company at Avonmouth under an hour from our Coleford depot for recycling into new drywall products. Zero goes to landfill.

Let us take the hassle out of recycling all your plasterboard and reduce the environmental impact of your business or project. Call us now on 01761 479444 to discuss your plasterboard waste


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