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Green waste recycling

Green Waste Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Green waste recycling is easy with JWitt Waste Recycling. We accept and collect all your green and garden waste, and turn it into soils, mulches, etc


Commercial recycling

Green waste and garden waste can be collected in our wheelie bins or skips. The size of these depends on the amount of green and garden waste you have and your business needs.

We offer a range of different wheelie bins, starting at a standard 240litre bin working up to 1100litres. We also have a wide variety of skips for every requirement.

Which size of wheelie bin or skip will suit your needs and how often it will need emptying depends on the voume of green waste you need to recycle. 

We accept the following items for green waste recycling:

  • Home-grown fruit or vegetables

  • Leaves, flowers, grass and weeds

  • Tree bark, pruned branches and twigs

Large wheelie bins for wheelie bin hire | J Witt Waste Recycling
Weighbridge and waste transfer station at JWitt Waste Recycling

Garden and green waste management

Our waste management services provide businesses with an experienced local company who can provide bins and skips, collection and full disposal services for green waste recycling.

At our waste transfer station, we sort and separate the green waste viw our automatic and manual picking lines. The waste is then transferred into RoRo skips and transported to a local specialist compost company.

Here they mix the green waste with other materials to create mulches, compost, topsoil and agricultural fertilisers. 100% is recycled, and zero goes to landfill.

Let us take the hassle out of your green waste management. Call our customer service team now for a quote.


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