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Wood recycling

Wood Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Wood recycling with us is an easy and hassle-free process. 

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Wood Recycling

Recycling wood and timber

We collect and accept wood that comes to us from construction and demolition sites, housebuilding companies, home renovations and garden clearances via our skip and wheelie bin hire services and at our waste transfer station.

Our recycling services help many local businesses to achieve their environmental goals. We provide businesses with a local waste management company who can provide skips, collection and recycling services for their waste wood. Give us a call or check our latest facebook posts for details of special rebates we might be running for wood waste loads over 500kg.

Wood is graded into different types. These grades have been created to help recycling companies like us and our customers understand how the wood can be recycled.

Grade A wood has nothing on it and is the cleanest type of wood. Often this grade of wood is wooden pallets and wooden packaging or wood scraps and off cuts but it is always untreated wood.

Grade C wood is old furniture and contaminated wood such as construction and demolition waste, mixed with all the bits and pieces of wood we collect in our skips. This grade includes fence panels, door and window frames, decking, chipboard, old doors and MDF panels.

Wood recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling
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Wood waste management

We recycle these two grades to create these new products:

  • Grade A wood is mulched for paper, animal bedding and garden mulches
  • Grade C wood is pretty much all the wood we receive in our skips and at our waste transfer station. This is called fuel grade and is sent to a specialist centre to be made into biomass fuel pellets

The separation of your wood into these grades means we can recycle them much easier and ensure we adhere to our 100% recycled commitment.


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