Recycling FAQs

At JWitt we are keen to offer you a seamless process from when you pick up the phone to when we pick up your waste for recycling.

After helping thousands of customers across the South West, we have gathered a list of the questions we are asked the most frequently. Have a read of our recycling FAQs and give us a call on 01761 479444 if your query has not been answered below.

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All those frequently asked questions
Recycling FAQs

We recycle a range of materials in a variety of ways. At our Waste Transfer Station and depot in Coleford we recycle wood and various wood products, bottle and plate glass, UPVC window frames (both white and brown), all metals, plasterboard, green waste, soil and various stone, brick and concrete. See all the materials we recycle here: Materials we recycle

We offer a range of recycling options to suit you, either by a regular wheelie bin collection, skip hire and roll on – roll off skip hire. You are also able to bring materials direct to our weighbridge at our Waste Transfer Station.

Yes cardboard, card and paper can be recycled together. Our compactors handle card and paper waste collected in wheelie bins, bundles, or skips. See more on our Paper & Card recycling page.

Yes we do offer bulk cardboard collections. We can collect cardboard, card and paper waste in wheelie bins, bundles or skips. Contact us on 01761 479444 to discuss your bulk card and paper waste requirements or to book a drop off slot at our waste transfer station.

Yes we do offer commercial cardboard collections. We can collect cardboard, card and paper waste from your business on a regular basis with in wheelie bins, bundles or skips. Contact us on 01761 479444 to chat through your bulk card and paper waste requirements.

You can dispose of your excess soil at your local recycling centre or with us at JWitt. Both will incur a charge so it is worth ringing around to check which will be the cheapest and easiest method for you. At JWitt all your soil waste is recycled and reused. Call us now on 01761 479444 to find out how we can collect or you can drop off your soil waste with us.

You are welcome to bring large quantities of soil to our waste weighbridge and transfer station. We recommend booking your drop off slot so we can be ready. If you are a registered Waste Carrier, please bring your paperwork with you.

The most practical way to get rid of mixed construction waste is to hire one of our skips. When the soil returns to our site, we sort the mixed waste in our trommels and by hand, making sure each type of waste goes into the correct waste stream. Read more about our construction waste recycling.

Other than food and organic waste (which goes straight to a biodigester half an hour from our site) everything we collect is taken back to our depot. All the card and paper we collect is bailed on site and then taken to British paper mills for recycling into new paper and card. Plate glass is taken to a plate glass recycling company in the South East of England where they turn it into new glass and other glass products such as insulation. Bottle and mixed glass goes to the same specialist glass recycling company. All the mixed recycling we collect is sorted by our team and machines and added to the metal, glass, card, and plastic recycling bins. Plasterboard is taken straight to a gypsum recycling company at Avonmouth half an hour from our depot for recycling into new drywall products. All waste deemed ‘unrecyclable’ and black bin waste is fed into our XO22 biodigester and turned into solid fuel for burning.

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