The materials we recycle

If you are looking for recycling service, we will have a service to suit. We recycle a wide range of materials, and are always researching and securing new ways of recycling different materials. Our continual goal is to recycle 100% of the waste we gather and avoid landfill completely. Here we have detailed some of the materials we recycle. You can find out more about how we separate, process and recycle each one below.

If you are looking to recycle a specific material and you can’t see it below, give us a call on 01761 479444. We may already be recycling your material and will be happy to talk through your requirements or help you find a solution.


Two grades of wood are recycled and processed for different uses at our site. Find out more by clicking below.

Wood Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling


We ensure that every piece of ferrous and non-ferrous metal is removed from the waste we collect and process.

Metal Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling


We accept and collect mixed loads of plastic waste, before sorting them at our site. All types are recycled.

Plastic Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Mixed bottle glass

Coloured glass bottles and jars are collected in mixed batches before being sorted at our facility.

Glass Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

uPVC Plastic

We recycle uPVC plastic, particularly window frames, increasing their material life from 35 years to 350 years.

uPVC Plastic recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Plate Glass

We accept and recycle clean plate glass and double glazing from builders, window companies and manufacturers.

Plate Glass recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Plastic Film

The plastic film we gather is processed into small pellets which are then used to make more plastic products.

Plastic Film Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Organic / Food

The food and organic waste we collect is turned into renewable energy by a local specialist company.

Organic Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Cardboard & Paper

We sort and grade all paper and card before baling it and sending it to UK papermills for recycling.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Green Waste

All the green and garden waste we collect is turned into compost or renewable energy by a local company.

Green waste recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Stone / Rubble

We accept clean building, construction and garden rubble to be processed and turned into recycled aggregates.

Stone Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling


We process the soil we collect in our skips and at our transfer station, and recycle this into reusable soils.

Soil Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling


100% of the plasterboard we collect in our skips or at our transfer station is recovered and recycled.

Plasterboard Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Need help?

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