JWitt Waste Recycling Team


In October last year, as part of our quest to continually achieve our 100% recycled and zero to landfill promise, we invested in a biodigester from Advetec.

Advetec are an innovative biotechnology company tackling the reduction of unrecyclable waste.

The biodigester works using granularised powdered enzymes to breakdown waste which is deemed unrecyclable. 

We can feed the biodigester with 10 tonnes of shredded black bin waste or unrecyclable waste per day and within 48 hours the enzymes will have eaten their way through it all.

The waste material left at the end is a solid fuel product called FLOC that is completely dry, reduced in weight by 50% and volume by 70%. FLOC can be burnt for heat and to generate energy, much like other solid fuels such as coal.

Our XO22 biodigester is now working 24/7 at our site in Coleford BA3. The biodigester generates just short of 10 tonnes of FLOC per day.

Jamie Witt, our founder and director, says “JWitt invested in our Advetec biodigester to give our customers a more carbon- and cost-friendly alternative to landfill and energy from waste for their unrecyclable waste.We no longer have to transport this waste across the region which is costly and time intensive. This on-site solution has dramatically reduced our lorry journeys, which means less cost as well as significantly reduced road related carbon and congestion.

See inside the XO22 whilst it is at work below.

The FLOC generated at JWitt goes on to a local power station – along with our wood waste that is made into fuel pellets – to be burnt and generate energy and heat for homes and businesses in the South West region.

JWitt Waste Recycling Management