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The feed belt is added to our new trommel

At JWitt we continually invest in better equipment to help us achieve our goal of recycling 100% of the waste we collect and to reduce our environmental impact.
JWitt Waste Recycling trommel

The new feed belt has been added to our new trommel. We will be using the trommel to screen and separate materials by size. Essentially, a trommel is a long rotating mesh drum through which we can feed waste that needs sorting and separating. 

Waste Recycling at JWitt

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Waste material will be fed into the drum of the trommel via this new feed belt and will considerably speed up our sorting process. 

We are planning to separate and process waste wood, soil, light demolition waste, domestic waste, rubble and aggregates with our new trommel. 

Many thanks to the build team. More updates to follow soon.