Wood recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling


We are currently offering a special rate for wood tipped for recycling. This rate is for June 2023 only so don’t miss out.
The rate is for tipping of Grade A and Grade C wood for recycling and for loads over 500kg. Get in contact on 01761 479444 to find out more about the special rate.
If you are a builder, carpenter, waste collectors or a tradesperson, etc. stay in contact and watch our facebook page for details of any rates and rebates on offer.

We recycle these two grades of wood to create these new products:

  • Grade A wood is mulched for paper, animal bedding and garden mulches
  • Grade C wood is pretty much all the wood we receive in our skips and at our waste transfer station. This is called fuel grade and is sent to a specialist centre to be made into biomass fuel pellets

The separation of your wood into these grades means we can recycle them much easier and ensure we adhere to our 100% recycled commitment. Find out more here.

Don’t forget that we can also supply skips offering your business a hassle free way of recycling your all your wood waste.
Skip hire and recycled aggregates at JWitt Waste Recycling