Moving waste onto the trommel JWitt Waste Recycling

Our new trommel is operational and hard at work at our site in Coleford. We have a sustainable waste transfer station and weighbridge at our site where we receive all the waste we collect. We also receive waste from reigstered waste carriers, big and small trade customers and the general public here too.

Our investment at the end of last year in a new trommel screen is driven by our commitment to send no waste to landfill and to recycle 100% of the waste we receive. We can only achieve that commitment if the waste has been sorted and separated into the different recycling streams.

Essentially a trommel is a long rotating mesh drum that can be used to separate materials by size. The rotating drum rolls larger pieces over to allow all ‘fines’ (smaller pieces) to flow down and through the trommel screen mesh or plates.

Waste Recycling at JWitt
Moving waste onto the trommel JWitt Waste Recycling

Waste material is fed into the drum and is lifted up by the rotation and aerated as it falls back down. This action is repeated with each revolution along the length of the drum. The smaller pieces pass through the mesh openings while the larger pieces tumble towards their eventual exit at the rear of the drum.

Our team on the picking line conveyor belt are highly experienced at sifting and sorting all the larger elements that haven’t already been sieved through the trommel. With both types of separation in operation at JWitt, we are able to make sure each piece of waste heads into the correct recycling stream. 

Picking line team at JWitt Waste Recycling
Conveyor belt on picking line at JWitt Waste Recycling
JWitt Waste recycling in Coleford Radstock BA3 serving Somerset Bath and the south west