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Organic and food waste recycling

Organic Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

We offer a range of organic and food waste recycling services to suit your business needs. Our wheelie bin collections can be as regular as you need it and we offer four sizes of wheelie bins to suit your requirements. 

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Organic waste management

We can collect your organic waste in our wheelie bins or skips dependent on how much waste you have to recycle.

All the food and organic waste we collect is reused and recycled. We accept the following:

  • All uneaten food including out of date or mouldy food
  • Raw and cooked meat and fish including their bones
  • Baked goods such as bread, cakes and pastries
  • Dairy products, eggs and eggshells
  • Fruit and vegetables, raw or cooked
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

Liquid wastes such as cooking oil, liquid fats and milk require a special collection – speak to our team on 01761 479444 for more information about this service.


Food waste recycling

We are committed to recycling 100% of the waste we receive and collect. Let us help your business achieve it’s recycling goals by sending zero waste to landfill.

Recycling your food and organic waste properly in separate bins provided by JWitt will reduce your business’ other waste costs.

We bulk all the food and organic waste we collect into larger skips and send these on to a specialist local company with a food digester. The digestion process turns the food and organic waste into renewable energy.

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Other materials we recycle

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