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Plate glass recycling

Plate Glass recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

We accept and recycle all types of plate glass and double glazing from builders, home renovators, window companies and manufacturers.

If you need a one-off collection, our skip hire service is recommended. If you have large amounts to recycle which require a secure onsite long stay, then consider our RoRo hire service.


Plate Glass recycling

As glass can be endlessly recycled into new glass products, recycling plate glass is a simple yet effective way to improve your business’s environmental impact. This not only eases the strain on raw materials but recycling glass also consumes less energy compared to manufacturing new glass items.

Whether you’re in the business of window manufacturing, glazing, or construction, there will always be plate glass to recycle. When windows reach the end of their life, both the frames (uPVC plastic and timber) and glass can find new life through recycling.

We welcome glass from window manufacturers, glaziers, homeowners, and construction or demolition companies, whether they’re old windows, greenhouse panels, or production offcuts.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your business’s plate glass recycling needs, and we’ll tailor a solution to fit.

Plate glass recycling at JWitt in Coleford, Somerset and south west
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Glass waste management

We accept all types of plate glass, including mirrored, clear, coated, and float glass. You have the option for us to collect your glass through our skip hire service, or you can deliver it to our waste transfer station in Coleford.

At our recycling site, our dedicated team sorts through the glass. They remove old frames and any other contaminants, after which the glass is either crushed or imploded. Once it’s in this cullet form, it’s ready to be remelted and reused.

All our cullet is sent to a company right here in the South West, specialising in remelting glass cullet, preparing it for new windows, glass products, and even insulation.


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