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Plastic recycling

Plastic Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

We offer a range of plastic recycling services to suit your needs. If you need small or long-term collection, our wheelie bin hire service is recommended. If you have larger quantities of plastic waste consider our skip hire.


Commercial recycling

We accept the following types of plastic for recycling:

  • All clear and coloured plastic bottles, tubs, pots, tubes, containers, trays, cartons
  • Plastic packaging, PVC packaging, crates and plastic pallets
  • Plastic items such as combs, cutlery, cups, straws, toys, bins, watering cans

Black plastic items cannot currently be recycled with other plastic. However, we can recycle black plastic using our XO22 biodigester which turns all unrecyclable materials into a solid fuel.

If you have quantities of black plastic items such as flower pots, seed trays, water butts, food cartons, ready-meal trays etc. please call our customer service team about organising a specific wheelie bin or skip to collect them.

Compostable plastic items need to go into compostable waste. If you want to recycle this waste, then let us know as it will be recycled with our organic waste.

A JWitt Waste Recycling team member loading a wheelie bin on to the back of a lorry - JWitt Waste wheelie bin hire and collections
JWitt skip hire services

Plastic waste management

Our waste management services provide businesses with a local waste management company who can provide bins or skips, along with collection and disposal services for plastic recycling.

Our various collection options make your plastic recycling an easy and hassle-free process. We offer daily, weekly and fortnightly collections with a variety of different wheelie bin sizes. For large volumes of plastic waste, we offer our skip hire and collection services.

Recycling plastic reduces the need to produce new virgin plastic which is a carbon intensive process. The plastic we receive is sorted into different polymer types on our automatic and manual picking lines. Once sorted, it is then washed, baled and loaded into our largest skips and transferred to our local plastic recycling partner where it is shredded and melted into pellets to be made into new plastic products.


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