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Plastic films recycling

Plastic Film Recycling | JWitt Waste Recycling

Plastic film recycling is a hassle-free process with JWitt. We can collect your plastic films for recycling in our regular wheelie bin collections. Our wheelie bins range from 240l to 1100 sizes to suit your needs.


Commercial recycling

Use our wheelie bin collection services to recycle your plastic film waste. Sizes range from 240l to 1100l wheelie bins and we can collect on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.

We collect the following types of plastic film products for recyclgin:

  • Plastic carrier bags, bread bags, soft plastics, film
  • Baby and pet food pouches
  • Crisp and sweet packets, and salad bags 
  • Bubble wrap and plastic wrapping

If you have large quantities of plastic film products to recycle, think about using our skip hire. Give us a call on 01761 479444 to find out which would work best for your needs.

Our plastic film waste management services provide your business with a local company who can provide bins, collection and full disposal services. Let us take the hassle out of recycling all your plastic films and reduce the environmental impact of your business.

A JWitt Waste Recycling team member loading a wheelie bin on to the back of a lorry - JWitt Waste wheelie bin hire and collections
Wheelie bin hire and wheelie bin sizes | JWitt Waste Recycling

Tackling plastic film waste

As this type of plastic is widely used but cannot be easily recycled, we have sought out solutions with specialist recycling partners and biotechnology companies.

All the plastic film and soft plastics that we receive are sorted into streams on our picking lines, then cleaned and baled. Most of this waste is sent to a specialist company to be turned into pellets that are then made into new plastic film products such as plastic bags. This company also combines the pellets with wood to make composite timber products for outdoor uses such as decking and cladding.

The remaining waste is fed into our XO22 biodigester along with all the black bin waste and other materials that are deemed as unrecyclable. The biodigester turns the waste into a solid fuel replacement (SFR) called FLOC. FLOC is burnt by local power stations to generate heat and energy for the homes and businesses in the South West.


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